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Marten Ingle

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Marten Ingle

Marten Ingle has been played on NTS in shows including Doing Time , featured first on 13 January 2019. Songs played include Ports Of Darkness.

Singer, songwriter, composer, based in Paris, France, Marten Ingle has recorded “Afro-Pop” records with master drummer Tony Allen in the 80’s and “Acid Swing” with Parisian “ZIPsters” Mike Zwerin and Paul Breslin.

His calls his new album, “Faraway Radioland”, a reflection, a journal, a chart of his travelings, unravelings, discoveries and recoveries. Songs from it may be streamed from his myspace site,

Ports Of Darkness
Marten Ingle
Tago Mago1985
Ports Of Darkness
Marten IngleTago Mago1985