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Nasty Django

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Nasty Django

Nasty Django has been played on NTS in shows including Spinee, featured first on 12 January 2019. Songs played include Hardcore Muthafucka.

Marc Trauner, better known by his numerous aliases including Nasty Django and Marc Acardipane is a Frankfurt, Germany based DJ and producer. Trauner was co-founder of record label Planet Core Productions and has been credited with creating the first hardcore techno/gabber track in 1990, We Have Arrived, under the name of as Mescalinum United, a track later made notorious after being remixed by Aphex Twin.

List of Aliases: 6 Pack, 8 A.M., A.2017, Ace The Space, Alien Christ, Barracuda, Beethoven, Budleckers, Children Of E, Chucky…

Hardcore Muthafucka
Nasty Django
Dance Ecstasy 20011995
Hardcore Muthafucka
Nasty DjangoDance Ecstasy 20011995