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Frederic Robinson

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Frederic Robinson

Frederic Robinson has been played on NTS in shows including Getting Lost in Foreign Places w/ Andre Power, featured first on 15 January 2019. Songs played include Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix).

“One of the most captivating and musically gifted young talents on Earth right now” (Tom Middleton)

In a world where harder, faster and more obnoxious is the order of the day, Frederic Robinson deals in complex and nuanced music that displays a maturity of thought far beyond the young German’s 21 years. Disciplined and focused, he stretches genres until the restrictions of tempo lose their meaning and the listener is free to simply experience music…

Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix)
Frederic Robinson (Synkro mix)
Blu Mar Ten2014
Mixed Signals (Synkro Remix)
Frederic Robinson (Synkro mix)Blu Mar Ten2014