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Broadway Project

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Broadway Project

Broadway Project has been played on NTS in shows including Getting Lost in Foreign Places w/ Andre Power, featured first on 15 January 2019. Songs played include Bas Jan Theme (Intro).

Dan Berridge formed Broadway Project in 2000. Broadway Project have released 7 albums and also compose music for Film and TV.

Inspired by the twin influences of hip-hop cut’n'paste and film soundtracks, Dan took to writing the critically acclaimed albums “Compassion” and “The Vessel” for Memphis Industries label between 2001-2003.

Dan then took a move away from the samples and more into the beats and wrote “In Finite” for Mark Rae’s legendary Grand Central Records…

Bas Jan Theme (Intro)
Broadway Project
ODS Recordings2009
Bas Jan Theme (Intro)
Broadway ProjectODS Recordings2009