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The Weird Lovemakers

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The Weird Lovemakers

The Weird Lovemakers has been played on NTS shows including The Last Playlist w/ Luis Felipe Farfán, with This Man This Monster first played on 15 January 2019.

The Weird Lovemakers were a Tucson, AZ based punk band (though they originally formed in Chicago in 1990. Members went on to play in bands like The Knockout Pills, The Radio Reelers, and The Cuntifiers. They achieved a fair degree of regional acclaim before signing to eMpTy Records and making a bunch of record reviewers feel weird.

The Weird Lovemakers are also a retro/lounge/plunderphonics group (featuring Jeff Chenault (Central), Mark Gunderson (Evolution Control Committee) and Greg Fernandez (Good…

This Man This Monster
The Weird Lovemakers
Green Card Records, No Theme!1999
This Man This Monster
The Weird LovemakersGreen Card Records, No Theme!1999