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Mind Spiders

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Mind Spiders

Mind Spiders has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 16 January 2019. Songs played include You Are Dead.

Mind Spiders' revved-up and shape-shifting brand of garage-punk-pop is the brainchild of Mark Ryan, formerly of Denton, Texas punks Marked Men. When that band went on hiatus, Ryan began working on some songs of his own, including a solo project called the Crying Jags. Initially, Ryan planned for Mind Spiders to be a studio-only project. However, after releasing his debut 7" on Marked Men's former label Dirtnap in late 2010, he recruited a touring band that featured members of fellow Denton…

You Are Dead
Mind Spiders
Dirtnap Records2012
You Are Dead
Mind SpidersDirtnap Records2012