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Adron has been played on NTS shows including Fire Shuffle w/ Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi , with The Only Guitar To Die Alone first played on 19 September 2018.

There are one or more artists with this name :

1) ADRON is the eponymous debut of twenty year-old Adrienne McCann. Inspired by the vintage textures of Brazilian Tropicàlia, Adron plucks her nylon strings with the casual flourish of a maestro twice her age, and compliments the guitar with an array of quirky whistles and mouth-clicks. Her lyrics are precocious and whimsical. They speak to a double-awareness that eludes many songwriters; a sense of self-identity…

The Only Guitar To Die Alone
Prefuse 73 feat. Adron
Warp Records2011
The Only Guitar To Die Alone
Prefuse 73 feat. AdronWarp Records2011