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Foreign Material

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Foreign Material

Foreign Material was first played on NTS on 3 October 2018. Songs played include Depthy Acid (Foreign Material Remix).

Foreign Material sees techno music as an extension of his artistic skills, and his futuristic visions reflect in the way he carves his sonic material through acid and hypnotic deep techno.

Foreign Material has been into music since his youth. After studying percussions at the Conservatoire and graduating in History, his interest in dark atmospheres finally led him to techno music.

Co-founder of the Brussels based label Norite, Foreign Material actively participates into their various-artists series Sigma. He also joined Curle Recordings and released on this famous…

Depthy Acid (Foreign Material Remix)
Tin Man (Foreign Material mix)
Global A Records2018
Depthy Acid (Foreign Material Remix)
Tin Man (Foreign Material mix)Global A Records2018