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Bomb 20

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Bomb 20

Bomb 20 has been played on NTS in shows including Awkward Movements, featured first on 10 June 2013. Songs played include Made Of Shit.

Bomb 20 aka Pirates on the Moon (David Skiba, born May, '78) has been developing his unique form of hip-hop noise & cut up audio since his debut 'Field Manual' album appeared on Digital Hardcore Recordings. More recent projects have been production work with leftfield rapper Gonzales - self titled 'king of the Berlin underground,' Lost Treasures and Puppetmastaz. The music sounds punk-influenced, however David Skiba has never listened to any punk. The name originates from the film Dark Star.

Made Of Shit
Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR)1998
Made Of Shit
Bomb20Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR)1998