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Midway has been played on NTS shows including The Low Bias Show , with Massive (Midway Remix) first played on 26 November 2018.

There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Ralph Barendse produces hard trance music for the In Trance We Trust label under this alias. 2) A band from Los Angeles. 3) An acoustic indie/emo/electronica band from Fayeteville, Arkansas. 4) Funk and Rock musician Bruce Nazarian from Detroit. 5) A band from Poland. 6) A young pop-punk-rock-indie band from Galway, Ireland. 7) A melodic hardcore band from the United Arab Emirates 8) A Indie Rock band from Australia

1) Ralph Barendse is the man behind Midway, and he produces hard trance music…

Massive (Midway Remix)
Ralphie B. (Midway mix)
In Trance We Trust2010
Massive (Midway Remix)
Ralphie B. (Midway mix)In Trance We Trust2010