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The Cambridge Singers

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The Cambridge Singers

The Cambridge Singers has been played on NTS in shows including Getting Warmer w/ Jen Monroe, featured first on 23 January 2019. Songs played include In Manus Tuas.

The Cambridge Singers is an English mixed voice chamber/choral group formed in 1981 by their director John Rutter with the primary purpose of making recordings under their own label "Collegium". The group initially comprised former singers from Clare College, where Rutter had previously been the music director.

They have been involved in the last four Fresh Aire albums (about "mankind's curiosities") of the Mannheim Steamroller band, by composer Chip Davis, but they are primarily a classical choral group….

In Manus Tuas
The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter
Collegium Records2006
In Manus Tuas
The Cambridge Singers, John RutterCollegium Records2006