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Echoes Of October

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Echoes Of October

Echoes Of October has been played on NTS in shows including Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay, featured first on 21 November 2018. Songs played include Die Liebe (Original Mix).

Echoes of October (Ben Anders) believes in ability to feature powerful EBM & Techno. The mysterious artist echoes his passion for 2 unique sound throughout his wellconstructed productions. Echoes Of October contributes to the electronic scene with his partner Inhalt Der Nacht through their label Lebendig, which features young talented artists like Peryl or Tham.

His newest EP with "Die Dritte Defension" is the best reflection to his music ideology. One of Echoes of Octoberʼs main goals is…

Die Liebe (Original Mix)
Inhalt Der Nacht, Echoes Of October
Die Liebe (Original Mix)
Inhalt Der Nacht, Echoes Of OctoberLebendig2018