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Pel Mel

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Pel Mel

Pel Mel has been played on NTS in shows including Gabi, featured first on 29 January 2019. Songs played include Shoes Should Fit.

Pel Mel were an Australian post-punk music band. They formed in Newcastle, Australia in mid 1979 and moved to Sydney, Australia in late 1980. They toured and recorded until 1984.

They had some success in Sydney's inner-city music scene and released their debut single No Word From China in 1980. By the time they released their 1983 album Persuasion, they had developed a light indie pop sound. The album had limited commercial success and Pel Mel disbanded shortly afterwards. Some of the members…

Shoes Should Fit
Pel Mel
Blue Jube2016
Shoes Should Fit
Pel MelBlue Jube2016