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Idle Hands

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Idle Hands

Idle Hands has been played on NTS shows including Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett, with By Way Of Kingdom first played on 31 January 2019.

1.) Heavy Metal/Gothic Rock band for Portland, USA featuring members from Spellcaster. Now known as Unto Others.

2.) Post-Punk band from Minneapolis. See also The Idle Hands.

3) Descendents and Wipers influenced punk from Münster, Germany.

4) Idle Hands (1999-2002) was a pop punk group from California. They were signed to Trustkill Records, known more for hardcore punk and metalcore.

5) A Blues/Stoner Rock band from Sheffield, UK

2) With the song title “The 80’s Killed Your Boyfriend” and the upbeat sing-song-y tunes…

By Way Of Kingdom
Idle Hands
Aderlass Kunstverlag2018
By Way Of Kingdom
Idle HandsAderlass Kunstverlag2018