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Hadouk Trio

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Hadouk Trio

Hadouk Trio has been played on NTS in shows including Donna Leake, featured first on 5 February 2019. Songs played include Dragon De Lune.

French trio composed by Didier Malherbe (winds), Loy Ehrlich (keyboard, kora, hajouj) and Steve Shenan (drums). Between jazz and world music.

From France's Hadouk Trio channeled musical elements from across the globe to create a uniquely mystical and evocative sound somewhere between jazz and world pop. The Hadouk Trio was led by Paris-born multi-instrumentalist Didier Malherbe, previously known for co-founding with Soft Machine alum Daevid Allen the famed psych-prog outfit Gong. Malherbe remained with Gong for close to a decade, shepherding the…

Dragon De Lune
Hadouk Trio
Dragon De Lune
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