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El Chombo

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El Chombo

El Chombo has been played on NTS in shows including Lucifer Over LA, featured first on 4 February 2019. Songs played include Chacarron (Video).

El Chombo (real name, Sebastian Clark) is a music producer from Panama. He is best known for two viral songs: "Macarron Chacarron", and "Dame tu cosita".

Macarron Chacarron (usually shortened to Chacarron) is a hit Spanish-language song by El Chombo feat. Andy's Val Gourmet, both artists from Panama. The song has gained popularity on the internet because of its nonsense lyrics and odd music video, with an excerpt featured on many YTMND sites.

Chacarron (Video)
El Chombo
Substance Records2006
Chacarron (Video)
El ChomboSubstance Records2006