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dZihan & Kamien

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dZihan & Kamien

dZihan & Kamien was first played on NTS on 10 February 2019. Songs played include Stiff Jazz (Short Version).

The sound of Vienna-based duo dZihan & Kamien (pronounced Jee-hahn and Kammy-en) can easily be compared with downtempo, soulful house sounds of Jazzanova, P'taah, or the Naked Music compilations. The duo hit popularity in 1996 with the single Der Bauch, which went big in European clubs and made appearances on several compilations. Their full-length album Freaks and Icons was released in late 2000.

Vlado dZihan is originally from Sarajevo and grew up in a predominantly musical household. As a drummer, dZihan became known in the local scene…

Stiff Jazz (Short Version)
dZihan & Kamien
Couch Records2002
Stiff Jazz (Short Version)
dZihan & KamienCouch Records2002