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Mustard Pimp

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Mustard Pimp

Mustard Pimp has been played on NTS shows including Spinee, with Dirty Knees first played on 9 February 2019.

Mustard Pimp are a french electro production/remix duo signed to DIM MAK with remixes of the likes of Will Smith, Stereoheroes, Dada Life and Atari Teenage Riot already under their belt. Some other various tracks are Cherry, Pidgeon Flu (feat. Blatta & Inesha] Gold 3, Beetle Gum and Valium.

Websites with FREE DOWNLOADS:

Dirty Knees
Mustard Pimp, Blatta + Inesha
Dim Mak Records2012
Dirty Knees
Mustard Pimp, Blatta + IneshaDim Mak Records2012