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Scott Johnson

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Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson has been played on NTS shows including Confusing Mix w/ Josh Da Costa, with John Somebody first played on 8 February 2019.

Scott Johnson is:

a cartoonist, illustrator and designer, known for the webcomic ExtraLife. an American composer (born 1952). an American musician, member of the alternative rock band Gin Blossoms.

1) Scott Blaine Johnson was known for creating and hosting the ExtraLife radio show (ELR), a weekly off-beat, award winning Podcast about comics, movies, music, the Internet, computers and gadgets. They have interviewed noted personalities such as Todd McFarlane and Curt Schilling.

Johnson is well known in the Utah area[3] both…

John Somebody
Scott Johnson
Nonesuch, Icon Records1986
John Somebody
Scott JohnsonNonesuch, Icon Records1986