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Marco Antonio Muñiz

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Marco Antonio Muñiz

Marco Antonio Muñiz has been played on NTS shows including Sameed, with Por Amor first played on 12 February 2019.

Marco Antonio Muñiz (born March 3, 1933) is a famous singer from Jalisco, Mexico. Known all over Latin America, Muniz actually has declared publicly and in most countries he has visited, that Puerto Rico is his second country, and many Puerto Ricans consider him to be an "honorary Puerto Rican". A few Puerto Rican song standards (such as the danza "Alondras en el bosque") have Muñiz as their definitive interpreter.

Muniz was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Since he was a small boy, he showed musical talent,…

Por Amor
Marco Antonio Muñiz
RCA Victor1970
Por Amor
Marco Antonio MuñizRCA Victor1970