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Uniform Choice

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Uniform Choice

Uniform Choice has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 13 February 2019. Songs played include Use Your Head.

Uniform Choice was started by guitarist Myke Bates, bassist Hanson Meyer and drummer Eric Hanna in the Spring of 1982 in Newport Beach, California. Bates had been playing with a couple of bands previously in Palm Springs including Target 13, Funeral Information and Subservice and had played early punk shows with SIN 34 and Black Flag. He is also credited for writing the song "Rodney On The ROQ" for KROQ-FM DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, which was performed by Target 13 and appeared…

Use Your Head
Uniform Choice
Wishingwell Records1986
Use Your Head
Uniform ChoiceWishingwell Records1986