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Ciudad Jardin

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Ciudad Jardin

Ciudad Jardin has been played on NTS shows including Jonny Mons, with Me Atormenta Tu Cuerpo first played on 19 February 2019.

Ciudad Jardín was a Madrid-based pop group founded by Rodrigo D. Lorenzo and Eugenio Haro Ibars.

Rodrigo was the guitarist for the group Ella y los Neumáticos and Eugenio played the same in the group Glutamato Ye-Yé, both of them based in Madrid. in 1984, Ramón Recio asked Rodrigo and Eugenio to record an album for his label Goldstein, but the collapse of the main distribution company for the independent record labels prevented Ramón from editing the album, even though it had already been…

Me Atormenta Tu Cuerpo
Ciudad Jardin
Me Atormenta Tu Cuerpo
Ciudad JardinFonomusic1992