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István Szigeti

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István Szigeti

István Szigeti was first played on NTS on 5 February 2018. Songs played include F. Otto Ag..

Since 1994, István Szigeti (b1952) has been the director of Hungary’s National Radio HEAR Music Studio, a professional facility provided to composers of electroacoustic music. There was another electroacoustic studio in Budapest during the 1970s, the Budapest New Music Studio, where people like Péter Eötvös used to compose. Though Szigeti also composes for traditional instruments. Szigeti’s music retains some of early electroacoustic’s freshness and naivety – not that the compositions are naive, far from it ; but Szigeti believes in electroacoustic music as a means to convey the…

F. Otto Ag.
István Szigeti
NTS Radio2018
F. Otto Ag.
István SzigetiNTS Radio2018