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The Keyboard Circle

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The Keyboard Circle

The Keyboard Circle has been played on NTS shows including Ohbliv, with Absorbed Love first played on 11 March 2019.

In 1976, the pianists Rob Franken en Jan Huydts both lived in Soest (Netherlands). They hung out together a lot, and shared their love for newly developed key instruments. Both of them were Fender Rhodes electric piano pioneers. Rob Franken's piano virtuosity is to be recognized on as many as four hundred records. In 1976, he had his own trio and performed with the Dutch funk fusion formation ‘Scope’ from the city of Zwolle. In this band, he met with drummer Henk Zomer, whom he…

Absorbed Love
The Keyboard Circle
678 Records2009
Absorbed Love
The Keyboard Circle678 Records2009