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Dario Moreno

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Dario Moreno

Dario Moreno has been played on NTS in shows including Zel Zele w/ Debora Ipekel & Ece Duzgit, featured first on 11 March 2019. Songs played include Her Akşam "Sarhoş" = Y'a Du Travail.

Darío Moreno (April 3, 1921 – December 1, 1968) was a Turkish-Jewish polyglot singer, as well as an accomplished composer, lyricist and guitarist, who was born in İzmir, Turkey, in 1921, and who attained fame and made a remarkable career centered in France and which also included films, during the fifties and the sixties.

His real name was David Arugete and he was born in the poorer Jewish quarter of İzmir to…

Her Akşam "Sarhoş" = Y'a Du Travail
Dario Moreno
Her Akşam "Sarhoş" = Y'a Du Travail
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