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The Whooliganz

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The Whooliganz

The Whooliganz has been played on NTS shows including Ted Draws, with Get A Grip first played on 12 March 2019.

The Whooliganz were a 1990s hip hop music group consisting of Scott Caan and Alan Maman (later The Alchemist). The duo went by the names Mad Skillz and Mudfoot, respectively.

Caan and Maman met as teenagers in the wealthy neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. The duo began performing throughout the Los Angeles area and gained recognition. Maman's childhood friend, Evidence, introduced the group to Quincy Jones III and they began work on a demo. They eventually caught the attention of B-Real of Cypress Hill. B-Real…

Get A Grip
Whooliganz feat. B-Real
Tommy Boy1993
Get A Grip
Whooliganz feat. B-RealTommy Boy1993