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Blood Of Abraham

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Blood Of Abraham

Blood Of Abraham has been played on NTS in shows including Ted Draws, featured first on 12 March 2019. Songs played include Niggaz And Jewz (Some Say Kikes).

Blood of Abraham is an American hip-hop duo composed of Benyad (Benjamin Mor) and Mazik (David Saevitz), two 21-year-old rappers who share a singular vision of positivity based not on some naive idealism but on mutual regard for all cultures, people and religion. The group's brand of hardcore rap consisted not of gory street stories, but of simple truths communicated from a universal perspective.

Their debut album, "Future Profits"(1993), released on Ruthless Records, the label of the…

Niggaz And Jewz (Some Say Kikes)
Blood Of Abraham
Ruthless Records1993
Niggaz And Jewz (Some Say Kikes)
Blood Of AbrahamRuthless Records1993