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McGuinn, Clark & Hillman

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McGuinn, Clark & Hillman

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman has been played on NTS shows including Country Hayride, with Backstage Pass first played on 10 March 2019.

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman was a 1970s American trio of Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and Chris Hillman.

Reputedly formed more so out of convenience than desire, the trio was the result of three members of The Byrds looking to salvage their careers. With each in between bands and McGuinn not in a creative frame of mind, the members gave into the requests (and paychecks) for a Byrds reunion.

The result was a self-titled debut album often criticized for its disco-flavored tracks. With the album…

Backstage Pass
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
Capitol Records1979
Backstage Pass
McGuinn, Clark & HillmanCapitol Records1979