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Annette Peacock

 American musician and composer Annette Peacock and Canadian jazz pianist and composer Paul Bley performing at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, 1971 (Photo by Ib Skovgaard/JP Jazz Archive/Getty Images)

Annette Peacock

NTS aired an episode dedicated to the music of Annette Peacock on 4 November 2017. Annette Peacock has been played over 90 times on NTS, first on 7 August 2014. Annette Peacock's music has been featured on 79 episodes.

Annette Peacock (née Coleman) (born 1941, Brooklyn, New York, USA) is a vocalist, composer, poet and producer mostly active within avant-garde/free jazz, active from the mid 1960s to the present. She is generally appreciated for her adventurous song writing and for her pioneering work with early synthesizers and vocal processing. Music critics are often quick to note that, despite some recent attention and a few re-releases, her…

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