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Flo & Spicey

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Flo & Spicey

Flo & Spicey has been played on NTS shows including Kit Records, with Sweets Splits first played on 5 February 2017.

Flo & Spicey is a long distance band travelling between Stockholm and Glasgow.

"it's difficult to describe just how weird and special this package is. comprising a 3 track cassette, a tote bag, an art print, a badge, a lyric booklet and a photograph book, 'first' is the initial utterance from a mysterious duo that are known to be based in glasgow, are well-versed in the diy history of that city and, well, that's about it. musically, the lo-fi stew is instantly fulfilling. using cut…

Sweets Splits
Flo & Spicey
Royal Tea Records2018
Sweets Splits
Flo & SpiceyRoyal Tea Records2018