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The Ziggens

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The Ziggens

The Ziggens has been played on NTS shows including Skate Muzik, with The Spy Who Dubbed Me first played on 15 March 2019.

The Ziggens are a band based out of Orange County, California who's self-described style of "cowpunksurfabilly" combines elements of surf rock, punk, ska, and country. The Ziggens are led by Bert Susanka who sings and plays rhythm guitar. Other members include Dickie Little on lead guitar, Jon Poutney on bass, and Brad Conyers who plays the drums and provides background vocals. The Ziggens have been playing since the early 1990s and have developed a strong following in Southern California.

The Ziggens were contemporaries…

The Spy Who Dubbed Me
The Ziggens
Cornerstone R.A.S.1998
The Spy Who Dubbed Me
The ZiggensCornerstone R.A.S.1998