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Deep Sleep

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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep was first played on NTS on 23 March 2019. Songs played include Techno Dreams (Dream Mix).

There are at least 3 artists called Deep Sleep:

1) Deep Sleep are a hardcore/punk band from Baltimore,MD. 2) Deep Sleep are a Indie Electronica / Pop band from Portugal. 3) Deep Sleep are a Hard Rock band from the small town of Kokemäki, Finland. 4) There also are relaxation music on the same name Deep Sleep.

The biographies for each are listed below:

1) Deep Sleep are a hardcore/punk band from Baltimore, MD. They pride themselves on playing some raw, spiteful, in your face hardcore punk rock. Drawing some heavy…

Techno Dreams (Dream Mix)
Deep Sleep
Siege Records1991
Techno Dreams (Dream Mix)
Deep SleepSiege Records1991