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The Clique

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The Clique

The Clique has been played on NTS shows including House Call, with Find It In Your Heart first played on 24 March 2019.

There are 7 groups called "The Clique":

Australian duo that consists of singers Jacinta Gulisano and Jordan Rodrigues. Both were members of X Factor Australia-formed group Third D3gree

A dark 80s group from Israel ("הקליק") who scored some major (domestic) hits like "Al tadliku liner", "Incubator", "Golem" and many more.

A mid 60's R&B band featuring John Rowe on lead guitar, they released a couple of singles, their biggest, 'We didn't Kiss didn't love (but now we do)' was a…

Find It In Your Heart
The Clique
Redi-Soul Record0
Find It In Your Heart
The CliqueRedi-Soul Record0