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Sam Pluta

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Sam Pluta

Sam Pluta has been played on NTS shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, with Atlanta, Part 2 first played on 24 March 2019.

Sam Pluta is a Chicago-based composer, laptop improviser, electronics performer, and sound artist. Though his work has a wide breadth, his central focus is on the laptop as a performance instrument capable of sharing the stage with groups ranging from new music ensembles to world-class improvisers. By creating unique interactions of electronics, instruments, and sonic spaces, Pluta's vibrant musical universe fuses the traditionally separate sound worlds of acoustic instruments and electronics, creating sonic spaces which envelop the audience and resulting in a music…

Atlanta, Part 2
Peter Evans, Sam Pluta
Carrier Records2019
Atlanta, Part 2
Peter Evans, Sam PlutaCarrier Records2019