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Trembling Strain

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Trembling Strain

Trembling Strain has been played on NTS shows including Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller , with Heaven In A Doze - Stargazer first played on 25 March 2019.

In the mid-1990s, electronic and new age music composer Pneuma (Satoru Takazawa) unexpectedly shifted gears, leaving a series of tasteful recordings drenched in funereal mysticism, astrology, medievalism and pictorial symbolism. Supported by Akira, Shin Yamazaki (ex-Lacrymosa) and Yuko Suzuki, the formation adopted the unlikely name: Trembling Strain. With the help from other like-minded musicians, Pneuma & Co indulged in exotic exercises of color and space. Their appetite for trans-cultural combinations collated…

Heaven In A Doze - Stargazer
Trembling Strain
Heaven In A Doze - Stargazer
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