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T.D.A. has been played on NTS in shows including Robbin' Lobsters From Mobsters w/ Tom Boogizm , featured first on 31 March 2019. Songs played include The Faces Of Freedom 1.

There are two artists with this name: a punk band and a psuedonym of industrial band Test Dept. (Taking and Driving Away), under which they released the dancefloor 12" The Faces of Freedom 1 2 & 3 in 1986.

UK punk band formed in Rainham, Kent around 1982. Released a demo, and had tracks on a couple of compilations, including Riotous Assembly.

TDA were Dean Stevenson (vocals), Max O'Connell (guitar), Steve Hart (bass guitar), and …

The Faces Of Freedom 1
T.D.A., Test Dept.
Ministry Of Power1986
The Faces Of Freedom 1
T.D.A., Test Dept.Ministry Of Power1986