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Coyote Oldman

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Coyote Oldman

Coyote Oldman has been played on NTS shows including Sounds Of The Dawn, with Thunder Chord first played on 30 March 2019.

Coyote Oldman is a group of New Age musicians consisting of flute players Barry Stramp and Michael Graham Allen. The name Coyote Oldman is derived from the Trickster archetype in Native American mythology. Their music can be described as New Age electronica. The duo play Japanese and Indian flutes, Incan pan-pipes, ocarinas and Native American pipes, as well as contemporary instruments such as guitars and keyboards.

Barry Stramp is a classical-trained concert flautist, while Michael Allen is a manufacturer of handmade flutes as well…

Thunder Chord
Coyote Oldman
Hearts Of Space, Coyote Oldman Music1990
Thunder Chord
Coyote OldmanHearts Of Space, Coyote Oldman Music1990