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Nitti has been played on NTS shows including No White Tees , with It's Goin' Down (instrumental) first played on 30 March 2019.

NITTI, Playmaker of Decatur, also known as Rick Flaire.

More than just a beatmaker, producer NITTI is a true Playmaker.

Each song he crafts from Young Jocs Going Down to 8Balls Stop Playing Games has his hands all over it, with NITTI playing all his own music and even holding down mixing duties. I like to put my hands on the equipment by myself. No engineers, no nobody. I taught myself how to do it all, NITTI declares.

He may be self taught in the…

It's Goin' Down (instrumental)
Yung Joc, Nitti
Bad Boy Entertainment2006
It's Goin' Down (instrumental)
Yung Joc, NittiBad Boy Entertainment2006