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Metal Inquisitor

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Metal Inquisitor

Metal Inquisitor has been played on NTS in shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, featured first on 2 April 2019. Songs played include Scent of Fear .

Metal Inquisitor originated in the beginning of 1998, as Blumi and Witchhammer decided, to call a real Heavy Metal-Band into life. A short time later they found KronoS (Bass) and El Rojo at the vocal cords, as suitable comrade-in-arms. Middle of 1998 they retreated for a few weekends into their rehearsal room, in order to record three songs on four tracks, which was brought out in form of a demo tape. In 1999…

Scent of Fear
Metal Inquisitor
Massacre Records2019
Scent of Fear
Metal InquisitorMassacre Records2019