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The Verge

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The Verge

The Verge has been played on NTS in shows including World in Flo Motion, featured first on 22 January 2019. Songs played include Here With No Fear.

1980's Albany New York USA Trio Similar In Style To Joy Division, Gang Of Four or Killing Joke. Atmospheric Guitars and Gloomy Vocals Backed By Urgent Bass and Drums. Released four song "Habitual E.P." in 1983 and one song on the compilation album "Hudson Rock" in 1982. Tom Rella: Guitar/Vocals/Words and Music. T.Murray: Bass/Vocals. Marty Feier : Drums.

The Verge (USA) official sites-

NOTE: The biographical information is for the original 1980's band The Verge from…

Here With No Fear
The Verge
Greasy Pop Records1986
Here With No Fear
The VergeGreasy Pop Records1986