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The Recedents

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The Recedents

The Recedents has been played on NTS shows including Bahamian Moor, with Highly Perpendicular first played on 6 April 2019.

The Recedents must be one of the longest established improvising units in the UK, having been formed in 1982 as one of the earliest electro-acoustic groups, and having worked together at (sometimes infrequent) intervals ever since. The unique soprano sax sound of Lol Coxhill is at the heat of the group, while guitarist Mike Cooper plays both acoustically and with electronic interventions. The trio is completed by Roger Turner, one of the most sensitive and responsive percussionists currently active on either side of the Atlantic.

Highly Perpendicular
The Recedents
Highly Perpendicular
The RecedentsNato1987