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Les Jaguars

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Les Jaguars

Les Jaguars has been played on NTS shows including Fervent Moon, with Guitare Jet first played on 6 April 2019.

Les Jaguars were a mainly instrumental group formed in the Saguenay area of Quebec in 1962. They quickly became the kings of the French Canadian rock 'n roll scene due to the creative and experimental style of their lead guitar player Arthur Cossette, whose real name is actually Jean Guy. He pierced his speakers to create his own distortion and fuzz, which he blended with sweeter sounds, prefering the melodic tones of the Shadows to the gnarly toughness of Link Wray.

Like most Quebecoise groups, Les…

Guitare Jet
Les Jaguars
Guitare Jet
Les JaguarsTournesol1965