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Clara de Asís

Clara de Asísm, artist, credit: Simone Petracchi

Clara de Asís

Clara de Asís has been played on NTS in shows including Sendspaace , featured first on 6 April 2019. Songs played include Know Nothing.

Clara de Asís is a Spanish composer and guitarist based in France. She develops an approach to sound that highlights simplicity, non-intervention and active listening as means of music making. Her works display an extreme precision and intuitive openness ; both distinctive of Clara de Asís manner, that involves a dedicated attention to sound on its details and its most pure forms.

De Asís’s intuitive, unconventional style of compositions utilizes a minimal, spatial framework in which performers can create individual sounds with…

Know Nothing
Clara de Asís
Another Timbre2018
Know Nothing
Clara de AsísAnother Timbre2018