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Ray Lovelock

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Ray Lovelock

Ray Lovelock has been played on NTS in shows including The Windmills of Your Mind w/ Taylor Rowley, featured first on 11 April 2019. Songs played include We Love You Underground.

Ray Lovelock (Rome, Italy, 19 June 1950 – 10 November 2017), was an Italian actor and musician, best known for his roles in Italian genre cinema.

Lovelock's mother was Italian and his father was English. They met during the Allied occupation of Italy in World War II. While at college, he supplemented his income as an extra in movies and TV commercials. Lovelock also performed in a rock band with longtime friend and actor Tomas Milian,…

We Love You Underground
Ray Lovelock
Seven Seas1971
We Love You Underground
Ray LovelockSeven Seas1971