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Non Toxique Lost

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Non Toxique Lost

Non Toxique Lost has been played on NTS in shows including Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone, featured first on 21 April 2019. Songs played include Kriegstanz (Live In Frankfurt).

In the beginning of the '80s, the band NON TOXIQUE LOST (short name: NTL) was founded in Mainz, Germany. The eponym for this project was taken from the term "mustard gas", a chemical weapon, which had been invented by the german scientists named "Lommel" and "Steinkopf" during World WarI under the acronym of "LOST" . Though the band's name refers to the "unperilous" character of this music, in the end NON TOXIQUE LOST also…

Kriegstanz (Live In Frankfurt)
Reduktive Musiken, Wachsender Prozess2005
Kriegstanz (Live In Frankfurt)
NTLReduktive Musiken, Wachsender Prozess2005