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Bruno Canfora

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Bruno Canfora

Bruno Canfora was first played on NTS on 30 April 2019. Songs played include Il Trucido E Lo Sbirro.

Bruno Canfora (Milan, Italy, November 6, 1924 – August 4, 2017) was an Italian musician, composer, conductor, and music arranger.

Canfora studied piano at an early age, then studied oboe at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan. During the Second World War, he played several concerts with his group in Trieste. After the war, he moved to Turin and became conductor of the Castellino Danze Orchestra.

Besides having composed scores for television programs and films, Canfora is known for his work in pop music, particularly for his collaboration…

Il Trucido E Lo Sbirro
Bruno Canfora
Variety Film1976
Il Trucido E Lo Sbirro
Bruno CanforaVariety Film1976