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Able Tasmans

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Able Tasmans

Able Tasmans has been played on NTS shows including Terrible Records, with What Was That Thing first played on 1 May 2019.

Able Tasmans was a New Zealand indie-rock group formed in 1984 in Whangarei (but then Auckland-based). They disbanded in 1996, with some band-members going on to other bands.

The band went through a number of line-up and mood changes since they first surfaced in 1984 as a trio whammying things up for the kids on the dancefloor with a very '60s fun organ-bass-drums sound and songs with titles like 'Nelson the Cat?!!'.

For over a decade, the Able Tasmans were one of the most-loved New…

What Was That Thing
Able Tasmans
Flying Nun Records1987
What Was That Thing
Able TasmansFlying Nun Records1987