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Tracy + The Plastics

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Tracy + The Plastics

Tracy + The Plastics is the name of the electro solo project of Wynne Greenwood, a lesbian feminist video artist based in Olympia, Washington. Although the name implies the group is made up of a lead singer and her back up singers, all 3 characters are played by Wynne. In her live shows, Wynne takes on the alter-ego of Tracy as she performs against her backups, the Plastics, Nikki Romanos and Cola, who exist solely in a pre-recorded projected video. When performing, Tracy provides vocals while accompanied by Nikki on the keyboard and Cola on drums.

Tracy + The Plastics combines lo-fi filmmaking, performance art,…

This Is Dog City
Tracy + The Plastics
Soyuz Music, Too Pure2006
This Is Dog City
Tracy + The PlasticsSoyuz Music, Too Pure2006