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Jon Ekstrand

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Jon Ekstrand

Jon Ekstrand has been played on NTS in shows including The Monolith w/ PBDY, featured first on 28 May 2019. Songs played include The Long Way Back.

Jon Petter Ekstrand (born 14 December 1976) is a Swedish composer and film sound designer.[1] As a composer, he has collaborated with film director Daniel Espinosa on several occasions, including Easy Money (2010) and Child 44 (2015). Since 1999, he has worked and contributed as a composer or a sound designer on several films, television films, TV series and short films, including music for 4 episodes of the Swedish TV series Sebastian Bergman.

The Long Way Back
Jon Ekstrand
Éditions Milan Music2017
The Long Way Back
Jon EkstrandÉditions Milan Music2017