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Alina Pash

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Alina Pash

Alina Pash has been played on NTS in shows including Mishka, featured first on 28 May 2019. Songs played include Bitanga.

Alina Pash is a representative of the unknown previously freedom a young talent in post-soviet country can have. The singer is a 100% Bitanga (from the ruthenian dialect “Hooligan”) who breaks the system of old stereotypes spread worldwide. An authentic style of the singer is a mix of electronic music, hip-hop, pop music and ethnic. Her aim is quite pure: to light up the audience by inner music. Born in a small Ukrainian village, Alina Pash was brought up on the basis of archaic…

Alina Pash
Not On Label (Alina Pash Self-released)2018
Alina PashNot On Label (Alina Pash Self-released)2018